10/18/2012About Klavar Music School International

Klavar Music School International together with SELLS specialise in the supply of educational music books which are specially written for children and adult beginners and designed to support those wishing to learn to play the Piano, Keyboard, Classical Church Organ and Electronic Organ.  D..

10/18/2012Shipping & Returns

The Klavarskribo Music Publishing Co. regrets that it cannot accept any Returns from customers, whether Overseas or in the United Kingdom.The Klavarskribo Music Publishing Co. will not give refunds...

10/18/2012Terms and Conditions of KLAVARSKRIBO MUSIC PUBLISHING CO.

THE KLAVAR MUSIC SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL incorporates THE KLAVARSKRIBO MUSIC PUBLISHING COMPANY. REGRETFULLY, in view of the present day financial state, there are NO LONGER any free catalogs sent out. OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: The Minimum Order is at least THREE Books.BECAUSE OF THE RI..


This website and page is solely the property of The Klavar®™ Music School International and may not be reproduced or republished without the written permission of the copyright holder.The Klavarskribo Music Publishing Co. together with The Klavar Music School Internationa..


 Q: CAN I BE SURE OF GETTING THE MUSIC I WANT?A: Certainly.  Klavarskribo has a comprehensive range of compositions, from Classical Music to Popular Music for Piano, Keyboard, Electronic Organ, Classical Church Organ; which is continually augmented and up..